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Today I commiserate celebrate my return to work.

I had my daughter on in March 2006 and had 6 months maternity leave because that was all I was entitled to.

I went back to work on 4th September 2006. 3 years ago today.

My mum took semi retirement so that I could return to work. And I’m thankful for that because Lord knows that if she hadn’t of done, I couldn’t have afforded to go to work and put her in childcare. Childcare alone would have eaten up over 80% of my salary leaving nothing for rent and bills.

But working isn’t without sacrifice. I have lost count of the ‘firsts’ I’ve missed whilst being one of the great employed. Things like her first steps, the discovery of her first tooth. Her first words even.

My mum used to ring me to tell me all about the little things she’d start doing and I could hear the pride in her voice. I was thrilled that she was learning and discovering this new world around her but a tiny part of me begrudged the fact that someone else was sharing her firsts with her.

She’s 3 and a half now and has this wonderful character and often comes out with the funniest of things. Things you don’t think a 3 year old would.

I watch in amazement as she grows and now, instead of feeling bad about being at work, I work the day away so that I can come home to see what new things she has learnt and what she’s done with her friends at nursery.

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