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So I put on a few extra pounds.

OK, maybe it’s a little more than just a few but I refuse to buy clothes in a bigger size.

I mean, I wasn’t ever stick thin but before my daughter but I was a good two dress sizes smaller than I am now.

Having a baby is a killer on your figure and something I wished I’d been told along the way! I may not have appreciated being told that I can kiss my figure and any chance of getting to the gym goodbye but at least I’d have been prepared. Those mothers who say they stay trim because they’re running around their children all day lie. Unless they’re running around a park all day I’m afraid I fail to accept that you can stay in shape just by doing chores around the house!

Any mother will tell you that being a new mum is exhausting. Emotionally and physically! And the fact that you can’t walk properly for the first 8 weeks after childbirth is a major contributing factor. Couple that with sleepless nights, random teary outbursts because you can’t get the lid off of a bottle of bleach and eating whatever can be nuked in the microwave at warp speed means you can wave bye-bye to the body you used to know and love!

So, in an effort to ditch the extra pounds that have taken up residence on my waist I have enrolled at ‘fat club’ and have decided to document my journey back to thin-dom.

The food police at these clubs insist that you keep a food diary for the first few weeks so that they can monitor the types of things you’re eating and (excuse me whlist I quote the fat club handbook) ‘so that you can learn to understand your own eating habits’.

Eating habits. Why do I need to write that down? I already know that it’s not good for me because I’ve put on weight and now need to lose it! Writing it down and handing it in to the class mentor so she can do the sympathetic head tilt and say ‘Oh, look at this, that’s not as good as it could be is it?’ wont help.

The groups are run by someone who have themselves been a weight loss success and no doubt featured in the monthly magazine standing in a pair of trousers that used to fit them but could now be better served as a festival tent or something to shield buses from the freezing weather. They’ve been where we are now and no one is better equiped to run the class or to inspire and motivate us than a former fatty!

The dreaded first weigh-in takes place tomorrow night at 7:15pm. I am not thrilled by the idea of having how much I weigh glare at me in big bold red numbers but it is a necessary evil. But one I’m prepared to tackle head on!

Watch this space…..

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