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OK, so the formal weigh in didn’t take place.

But there was good reason for it…..

It would appear that my daughter has had a growth spurt which has resulted in none of her clothes fitting her! They’re all either too short in the body or too short in the leg!

Ordinarily I’d try and put off the inevitable shopping spree for new clothes for as long as possible but given that she’s at nursery every day now I can’t really justify it.

After draining the contents of my wallet on 2 new pairs of jeans and a new track suit and various hair accessories (that she just had to have) I made my way back home to face the dreaded bathroom scales…..

The number that stared at me was not the number I was expecting. I mean, I knew I felt a few pounds heavier but honestly – that much???

That number left me feeling disgusted with myself for letting it get that bad!

But have no fear – my waist will again be small….. I’ve signed up for two classes at my local gym. The first one is at 6:30 tonight and I’m fully expecting to feel it tomorrow. I suspect I’ll feel somewhere between losing a fight to Mohammed Ali and being hit by a freight train.

No pain, no gain right?

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