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Hmmm, I hear NASA plans of deliberately crashing into the moon in some attempt to find ice.

Or so the nice American man being interview on the radio said this morning.

Finding ice will be the first great step into people eventually being able to live on the moon. You know, have it as a ‘home from home’. Somewhere we can all eventually go and live.

But not vacate to. After all, if we have to take everything with us to go it’s not really a home…..

I mean, really?

In whose lifetime do they expect this to happen in? Certainly not mine.

Only 12 people have ever stepped foot on the moon. And that’s between 1969 and 1972?

Now, forgive me, I’m not an American but I do have to ask how much the US Government or NASA plan to spend on:

1) Making the 2 unmanned rockets that will crash into the moon.
2) Manning the control station to watch said rockets crash into the moon
3) Sending people to the moon to recover the rockets and evaluate their findings?

Millions. Probably billions.

Aren’t there millions of US citizens who don’t have a safe home or healthcare here on earth.

Why can’t the money be spent on sorting out the planet we have before we try and occupy another one?

One thought on “the moon? really?

  1. Joey says:

    Amy is more sensible then the US government!

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