Miss Cherry Red

Motherhood. Love. Life. And everything in between

Rampaging hormones.


A body that looks like it’s been borrowed from some joke shop.

18 hours of labour.

All worth it for this:

hello world!

hello world!

She never cried when she was born.  Not a peep.  She kind of just laid there, all swaddled up and glaring at me.

I cried.  A lot.  I cried because I was tired, sore, overwhelmed and happier than I’d ever been in my life.

It’s weird to think that she was ever that little.

The last 3 and a half years have flown by.

I do look at her now and think ‘Christ, you were in my tummy’.  How the hell did that work?!

She’s not a baby anymore.  Nor a toddler.  She’s a fully fledged little girl:

Ready for big school!

ready for big school!

If you’re wondering why I’m reminiscing it’s because I’ve been invited to attend her primary school open evening.  She’s due to start in September 2010.
She’ll be 4 and a half.
And it’s going too quick.

She’s getting more independent by the minute.  She knows what she wants and what she does not want.  She knows what she likes and dislikes.  She can even work the xBox360 for crying out loud!  Something Daddy is very proud of.  I, on the other hand, can’t even work the control!  When I try and inevitably fail, she just pats my head and say’s ‘nice try Mummy’!

Someone once told me that a child’s growth isn’t measured in their heights or their progression at school.  It’s marks our progression from Mummy to Mum to Mother.

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