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There isn’t much that really, really irks me.

Except for people whose mobile phones are switched to silent all goddamned day.

Why?  What is the point?

If you don’t want someone to call you – don’t give them your bloody phone number.  Or in this case – don’t ask them (me) to call you.  Ever.

It drives me fucking insane.  Forgive the potty mouth, but it does.

The Hot Geek is single-handedly the worlds biggest perpetrator of such a crime.  Seriously, it’s like the biggest single cause of arguments in our house.

He drops me at work in the morning and I’ll be like ‘Have a good day baby, shall I give you a call over lunch’ and he’ll be like ‘yeah, that’ll be nice’.

Here’s what happens at lunch:

I pick up the phone, dial his number.  The phone connects and it rings.  Then it rings some more.  A few more rings.



I hit redial, just in case it rang out before he could pick it up.  Although it rang for long enough I think to myself in a really shitty tone.

Nope – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

It connects.  It rings.  And rings again.  Little more… answerphone.

This is not good.

It’s clearly sat on silent (again) and he‘s turned off vibrate hasn’t felt it vibrate in his trousers and hasnt’ bothered to check it.  Worse still, the phone is probably sat in his desk draw.

You can pretty much guarantee I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon stewing on the fact that he’s asked me to call and hasn’t bothered to answer the phone.

I’m pissed by the time he gets home:

The Hot Geek: Hey you

Me: Hmm mm,

The Hot Geek: What’s up

Me: Where’s your phone

The Hot Geek: In my pocket.  Why?

Me: Is it on silent?

The Hot Geek: Yeah, but vibrates on.


Me: Vibrate?  Why is it on silent?

The Hot Geek: I’ve been at work

Me: You don’t check your phone?

The Hot Geek: I guess not.

Me: Please explain to me why you asked me to call you, then didn’t a) answer the phone and b) didn’t check it to see if I’d called – like you asked me to!?

The Hot Geek: Erm…..

Me: Why didn’t you take it off of silent when you’d finished work?

The Hot Geek: Is this a new angle to your argument because that wasn’t what you were pissed about a moment ago?

Me: Sorry?

The Hot Geek: I accept your apology.

Me: Shove it up your arse.

The moral of the story is if you don’t want your girlfriend to be pissed with you when you’re home after a long day then take your phone off of silent or at least check it.

Phone ring tones: putting a stop to arguments since, well since forever.


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