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The dress sucked.

I mean, The Girl didn’t like it anyway.  I believe the term she used to describe it was ‘eugh’.

Great – I’m taking fashion advice from a 3 year old whose favourite item of clothing is a bright pink lazy town track suit.

But fear not!  I found a newer, prettier and all round lovelier dress to wear to my works christmas party.

<drum roll please>

TA-DA – Oh and the chick in the dress – not me – model from the catalogue!


Ooooh, pretty

I can hear you gasp in adoration!

It’s so pretty on too.

Makes my boobs look fabulous and covers all the lumps and bumps that Keira is solely responsible for that I inherited as part of motherhood.

You know, wobbly bits.

The glamorous shoes are sorted too.  Not that I can walk in them – but who cares?  It’s a sit down meal with a disco at the end so I’ll be sat for most of it and there’ll be a constant flow of rosé so I’ll probably discard my shoes in favour of being able to stand upright!

3 inch heels + rosé = walking disaster!

2 thoughts on “pah – I didn’t want the dress anyway

  1. Jodes says:

    wow – looks fab hun…..& the shoes will come off & then the air guitar will start!!!! x

  2. misscherryred says:

    Ah, even in Australia you know me too well! 😀

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