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baby & stork

This sounds about right…..

She’s 3 years old.

I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to answer those kinds of questions till she was about 7 or 8.

No such luck.

I was enjoying a nice mug of tea after another long shitty day in telecoms when I look at the face of my 3 year old: innocent and pure.

Then she hits me with it:

Mummy.  Where do babies come from?

You’re kidding me right?

Me: Erm…

In steps J with his scientific ‘man’ approach:

The Hot Geek: Babies live in their mummy’s tummy before they’re born

The Girl: How do they get there Daddy?

I raise an eyebrow that suggests if this goes wrong, we’ll be having words….

The Hot Geek: OK, think about your tomato plant.

…. this should be a corker…

The Hot Geek: Your tomatoes grew from seeds didn’t they?

The Girl: Yeah

The Hot Geek: Well, babies are kind of the same

The Girl: How?

The Hot Geek: Babies grow from seeds and live in their mummy’s tummy until they’re ready to be born

The Girl: Why?

The Hot Geek: Because babies can’t live in their mummy’s tummy forever.  Look at you, you’re not in mummy’s tummy now are you?

The Girl:  No.

Just as The Hot Geek was starting to look the cat that got the cream, he hears:

The Girl: Daddy, do babies come from tomatoes?

It’s about now that The Hot Geek looked at me, I’m guessing, for some kind of back up.  I decided to sit back and let him roll with it.  He was doing so well after all…..

The Hot Geek: No my angel, babies don’t come from tomatoes.

The Girl was just sat there, big, wide blue eyes not quite getting it.

He scratches his head in bemusement..

The Hot Geek: Babies grow in their mummy’s tummy and then they’re born.  Does that answer your question?

The Girl:  Mummy, where do babies come from?

Me: Love.  Babies come from love

The Girl: Ahh, that’s lovely mummy

That’s where babies come from…..


3 thoughts on “where do babies come from

  1. Vickie says:

    Lol, Mommy always knows best. I’ve found that the simpliest answers work best at that age. Great blog.

  2. Alex Brown says:


    So funny to read this because my 4 year old, Lil, was asking me last night at the dinner table about how she was ‘made’ and why I decided to ‘make’ her before her younger brother, Liam…I don’t think I handled it as well as you did. She’s thoroughly confused, thinking that I am now responsible for growing her and her father is responsible for growing Liam. But the question! Just kinda comes out of nowhere, huh? Especially at 3!

    I think you handled it well. 🙂

  3. misscherryred says:

    Thank you !

    In fairness – I probably could’ve piped up a bit earlier and helped the man out, but it was much funnier to watch!

    Why men have to try and simplify science is beyond me!


    Don’t think he’ll tackle that again 🙂

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