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I love how our kitchen smells when filled with the aroma of vanilla buns cooking in the oven.  I love watching how Keira’s face lights up when I tell her it’s time to decorate the cakes with her favourite rainbow sprinkles – see below an example of the cakes we make:


yummy, sugary goodness….

They look like that for about 10 minutes.

I do not love coming back to the cake tub to find that she has eaten the icing and the sprinkles OFF OF EVERY SINGLE CAKE MADE!

That’s right.  She didn’t just lick it off of one or two: she did the whole chuffing tub.


The Girl: What mummy?

She bats her baby blues at me

Me: Did you lick the icing off of all these cakes we made?

The Girl: No.

Me: Who did?

The Girl: Daddy?

Nice.  Blame reassignment already and not yet 4….. Great.

Me: Really?

The Girl: Yeah, Daddy said he like the sprinkles

Uh huh……

Me: What have I told you about telling fibs?

The Girl: But I don’t like the cake bit.


Please explain to me why I go through the pain of the weighing, the mixing and the baking only to be left with a tub full of half eaten, half licked vanilla sponge cakes?

Answers on a post card please.

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