Miss Cherry Red

Motherhood. Love. Life. And everything in between

I hate you.

No.  I loathe you.

I loathe everything about you, I loathe what you stand for, what you do.

The destruction and devastation you were responsible for leaving behind will be your final legacy.

8 years you were here, by his side.  Hardly short-term.

You were the first and last thing he ever thought about.  You were always there – your whispering breath on his ear – telling him, urging him to come find you.  Telling him to do whatever it took to get you.  You said he wanted you.  He needed you.

You seduced him and made him your slave.  You became the reason he lived.  He wanted nothing else.  Only you.

You were merciless in your pursuit of him.  You had (and continue to have) no morals.  No heart.

You lived fast and left even quicker driving him to find you again. Over and over and over.  Eight, nine, ten times a day he had to have you.  You loved every minute of it.  Quietly waiting for the ecstasy to end and waiting for the need to start again.

I loathe you.

You drained everything he had.  His money, his soul, his conscience.  You left him desperate – a shadow of his former self and you didn’t want it any other way.

You take no responsibility for the shell of the man you left.  You make no apology for the danger you bring.

You left him lifeless on Friday 23rd November 2007.

My life will be OK should our paths never cross again.

You are vile and everything about you and your existence disgusts me.

Some say you’re a lady.

You’re not worthy of the title.

They call you Lady Heroin.

I’ll just call you a destroyer.

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