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I want to introduce you to 3 of the most important people in The Girls life.

Without them I actually think I’d be bald with stress.  They are the ONLY people who can calm her down when she’s throwing a wobbler or when she’s upset

(Drum roll please….. oh and excuse the flowery bedset..)

He’ll ‘magic’ it all better….

This little grey ball of wonder is Magic.

He’s been at The Girls side since she was 15 months old.  He goes EVERYWHERE with her.  And I do mean everywhere.

It’s not uncommon to find him in the bathroom with her.  Perched on the sink whilst she has a bath.  He goes to bed with her, in the car, to the shops.  You name somewhere, he goes.  She can not get to sleep without him and is often the first thing she asks for when all reasoning has gone out of the window.

Faithful.  Tatty.  Reliable.  Magic The Elephant.

Small, yet perfectly formed

Next up is Baby Emmy.

Forgive the holes in the toes of her sleep suit.  She’s as old as The Girl!

The Girl calls her ‘her baby’.  She says that this is what she looked like ‘when she was a little baby’.


Baby Emmy performs the same tasks that Magic does and is reliable in a crisis.  The Girl flat out will not go to bed without her.  I have to wait until she’s asleep so I can take her out of the bed, take off her clothes, wash and dry them and get them back onto her and into her bed BEFORE she notices !

Last, but by no means least we have Richard:

Richard. The Bunny

Richard The Bunny.

Named after the husband of the woman who gave him to The Girl, Richard is proving to be as steady and reliable as Magic and Baby Emmy.  Fast becoming a constant companion on long journeys and again, occupies space in her bed.

Richard was used when I started potty training The Girl.

I used to place him on her potty in the corner and tell her that the potty wasn’t scary because Richard was using it.

She just used to eye him suspiciously.  She was a little unsure of Richard at first.  Convinced he was after Magic’s crown she used to shove him to the bottom of her toy box and ignore him.

Oh how times have changed!

And as if you needed more proof:

The Girl and Magic

So there you have it.

Bet you thought I was going to show you pictures of me, The Hot Geek and my mum.

Don’t be silly.

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