Miss Cherry Red

Motherhood. Love. Life. And everything in between

…. was the statement The Girl came out with yesterday evening.

For the record, my daughter is not, nor has she ever been raised by wolves.


What is the fascination with poo?

The Hot Geek was quite amused by the whole thing.  Well he would be wouldn’t he?  Most boys men find humour in bodily functions.

I do have to remind him every now and then that we’re raising a girl.

Apparently she told The Hot yesterday that she needed a poo and immediately screamed at him that he was to go away.

Nice to see she’s picking up essential female traits so early.  The come-here-I-need-you-no-go-away kind of ones.  Excellent.  Like mother like daughter.

Back to the poo.

So, according to The Hot Geek she’s on the toilet doing her thing.  She’s in there for a while when she bellows FINISHED!

That’s The Hot Geeks cue to go in and help her ‘tidy up’.

But, instead of flushing the toilet she simply stands there, looking in awe at what she’s created.

It’s a poo.

Horrible, stinky, dirty poo.

Before she flushes she looks at The Hot Geek and says ‘wow, that’s a big poo for a little girl like me’

She walked away leaving The Hot Geek not quite sure what to do.

One thought on “that’s a big poo

  1. Nadezhda Konovalova says:

    Actually I think it’s normal. I was the same too! It’s just life that amazes. Poo coming акщь anus is like baby coming out of mom 🙂 These are amazing, aren’t they? I never stop to wonder about our physiology.

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