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I finally admitted defeat at 12:30am.

I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, I was starting to fidget on the sofa and I could see The Hot Geek was getting equally tired.

I walked over, took his hand and said ‘come to bed and give me a cuddle…..’

It was in my most sultry, soft voice.

Do you know what he said?

I just want to rub my head in your boobies!

And then he did.

Then he asked me if I felt sexy.

What?  What the hell? Are you serious?

Let me think, do I feel sexy after you manhandled me and rubbed your head between my boobs?

No.  I do not.

Not even a little bit.

What is it with men and their love of all thing breast?  I just don’t get it?

I mean I don’t walk around staring at J’s crotch and thinking ‘God I’d love to get my head in there’ and I certainly don’t walk around randomly talking to ‘Little J’

The same can not be said for men and breasts.

I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I’ve been out and been chatting to a guy at a bar and had to stop him to tell him to make eye contact with me because he was talking to my boobs.  One guy even told me he had names for them once!

Fuck.  Off.  Purlease.

Boobs are just boobs.  I mean, they stick out the front, block the view of your feet, feed babies and generally get in the way some times.

Just boobs.

What is the fascination with them?

The Hot Geek says they’re his.

Well, he’s can have them.

Let’s see how well he fares with them for a few days.

Doubt very much he’ll be wanting to permanently rub his head in them then!

6 thoughts on “i just wanted a cuddle

  1. Marie says:

    Choked on my coffee reading this one…….LOL
    So much truth in it. Great posting!

    I bet if men had to walk around with boobs the tides would shift

  2. misscherryred says:

    Honestly – men are unreal.

    They’re just boobs.

    If J had boobs, he’d spend 10 minutes trying to get the bra off, 5 minutes staring at them, 15 minutes fondling them and 23 and half hours trying to cope with them.]

    Guarantee it.

  3. misscherryred says:

    Meant to ask – how is your blog coming along?

  4. J says:

    Hey! That’s not quite how it went..! You grabbed me to have a cuddle, I was sitting down, my head went right in the middle of the love-cushions.. Not my fault! I may have made a few comments afterwards but it was, as you say, 00:30 and I may have been a little tired… 😉

    Of course, I wasn’t complaining…

    I asked you if you felt sexy as a joke too!

  5. misscherryred says:

    I know you did lover….

  6. that would’ve been enough for hub to receive a junk punch.


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