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Say it with me:

I do not need cake.  I do not need cake.  I do not need cake.

I think it’s fair to say that October was a complete wash out where the diet was concerned.  I know, major fail :-(

Anyway, after a supremely overindulgent few weeks I’ve gone back to fat club with my (huge stomache) friend Ms Chubb.  She’s a whole 7lb heavier than she was before christmas!

Great, not only have I gone back to my original weight, I’ve managed to gain a few extra pounds as well.  Damn my Burmese mother-in-law and her inability to make small portions and my complete lack of self control.

I’m just going to on record and say it (excuse me whilst I vomit with nerves about committing my weight to you all)……

On Monday 1st February 2010 I weighed in at 13stone 13lb.  A UK size 16




Here is how it happened:

Cake (homemade with The Girl)



Christmas dinners, curries, chocolates, more wine, several pints of cider, pizzas, take aways.  The list is endless.  Oh and lets not forget NO EXERCISE AND NO SELF RESTRAINT.


I was doing so well in October 2009.  So well because I’d lost 7lb and was well on my way to releasing my inner skinny when WHAM! christmas talk started and I hopped on the chocolate train with a one way ticket to Muffin Top.


I feel gross.  I’m officially at my heaviest and, if the chart in my GP’s office is to be believed I’m obese.  That’s right O-B-E-S-E.

I’m a statistic.  And not the good kind.  Great.

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