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When I was 17 I used to think love wasn’t possible unless it was absolutely extraordinary!!

I’d spend hours watching teen romantic movies (think Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful etc….) and wishing that could be me.  You know the story: girl likes boy, boy likes other girl, other girl gets boy, other girl treats boy badly, boy realises first girl is ‘the one’ and live happily ever after!!

Why, couldn’t I just find the worlds perfect boyfriend?  I mean, was love really being pursued by some pubescent boy who’d just discovered what his penis did?  Did I really have to endure all the bad kissing?  Was that love?

I had my share of bad boyfriends and relationships where I had unrealistic expectations of what should and shouldn’t happen and none of them worked.

But now I’m a little older and a little wiser, I like to think that I’ve left those expectations at the door.

I now realise that love is:

  • Still being fancied even with bad hair, no make up and wearing baggy old joggers.
  • Being bought a new household appliances just to make things easier
  • The Hot Geek staying up till 1am just to make sure I get home from my night out with the girls.
  • The Hot Geek texting the girls to let them know I got home because I left the pub without telling anyone.
  • having help with the ironing.
  • Being bought flowers because I’m appreciated

Those show me how much he thinks about me and how he feels because it’s the little things that matter the most.

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