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The Hot Geek has one simple task.

Put the dishwasher on.

Here are some examples of what class as (fucking impossible) difficult tasks:

Explain quantum physics to The Girl.

Explain binary to me

Build a rocket ship and fly it to the moon

Put his foot in his mouth

So, is everyone clear on the differences between a difficult task and a simple task?



So could someone please explain to me WHEN putting the dishwasher on became a difficult task and why I was greeted with fuckwittery when I got home.

Apparently I was fortunate not have seen the kitchen BEFORE Operation Clean Up began.

I could tell by the look on The Hot Geeks face that things were obviously bad so because I’m a glutton for punishment I opened the dishwasher and all fucking hell fell out.

Yep.  I was pissed.

I did NOT need this shit.

Not only had I been at work ALL day, but it was 11:30pm and I’d just finished a shift at my 2nd job.

According to The Hot Geek is was far too late to get dishwasher tablets so he ‘improvised’.

With washing up liquid.

Because he ‘didn’t know that was going to happen’.

He stood there, grinning at me.  Muttering the words ‘Love me…’

He’s lucky I didn’t lamp him one!

He did not get lucky that night.

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