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Pretty gorgeous eh???

whole mantle piece full of cock.

And do you see the gorgeous humdinger of a cock on the left hand side???  The clear one?


His actual name is Columbo The First.

You may address him as Senor C.

Now, I absolutely plan on telling you how we became…… er…. friends but before I do, I’ve got a two very special people who I need to say a big thanks to cause y’know, my Mamma raised me right and shit.

First, to Jay

Dude… when you say you’re gonna throw a dildo party, fuck me do you throw a dildo party.  I mean, I’ve only seen such phallic displays at  Ann Summers.  I was surrounded by them.  Big ones, small ones, veiny ones, really funky feeling ones.

All a-maz-ing.

You.  Rock.

Secondly a mahoosive big thank you to EDEN FANTASYS who supplied the goodies.

In all honesty, without you, 25 or so women wouldn’t have spent over an hour giggling like school girls and using the kind of language that would shame a sailor!!

There will be more photos and the full story about what we go up to in my next post……


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