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So… I’ve literally just read The Girl a bedtime story and shortly after she decided she wanted to have a conversation with me.

I shit you not, this is how it went:

The Girl: D’you know Mummy, I am you and you are me?

Me: Really?  Why’s that then?

The Girl: Nanny said so.

Me: Uh-huh and why did she say that?

The Girl: Because when I ask her who am I she say’s I am you.

Me: That’s not true.  Did you tell her you have the name Bridget because I found you under a bridge?

The Girl: *laughing* NO YOU DIDN’T!

Me: Well where do you think you came from?

The Girl: *whispers* God.

Me: Do you?

The Girl: No *hysterical laughing*.  You made me.  Not God.

Me: Did I?

The Girl: Yeah.  Not God.  I don’t believe in God.

Me: *gigles* I did make you, yes. But you don’t believe in God?

The Girl: Nope.  Or Jesus.

Me: If you don’t believe in God and you don’t believe in Jesus… what do you think about the Bible?

The Girl: *more hysterical laughing* Come on Mummy….. it’s just a silly story book!!!!

Me: *open mouthed*

For the record, The Girl attends a Catholic Primary School so for any parents concerned that it might brainwash your child, don’t.  Mine doesn’t believe a word of it !

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