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“Well why don’t we go to Coate Water Park?  You can bring Trav and we can wander round the park and talk.  I might even make you laugh?”

“Sounds like a great idea, I’ll meet you opposite the little drinks hut and we’ll get hot chocolates”

And with that the date was set.

I remember being really nervous in the run up to it, I mean, we’d been talking for what felt like ages but it was becoming more and more obvious that K ‘got’ me; we had the same values, we’d had similar experiences with exes and we enjoyed the same things but more than that he had this ability to make me howl with laughter.  He was so easy to talk to that I felt like I’d known him years.

Up until this point the majority of my dates had been evening affairs so it gave me a chance to dust off my heels, pop on some lipstick and dress up… but not this time.  We were going for a walk round a cold, muddy, and blustery park so I pulled out my wellies, warm coat and woolly hat.

I arrived at Coate Water, parked up, took a deep breath and, after calling K to remind me where the hut was, made my way across.  As I walked up out of the car park I could see him standing next to the railings looking out over the water…. he was switching from foot to foot and I could tell he was nervous.  He was wearing his little blue cap, jeans and walking boots.  He was tall, stocky and had the smallest hint of a beard.  I remember thinking then how handsome he was.

K had his back to me and as I walked across I shouted “there you are” as loudly as I could and just flung my arms around him.  Don’t ask me why I did it, I haven’t a clue and it’s certainly not something I’d done before but spurred on by a healthy mix of both bravado and nerves I did and it felt really, really right.  Thankfully he hugged me just as tight back and whispered “hello” in my ear.

We grabbed a couple of hot chocolates and set off on one of the park’s walk ways and without hesitation he reached back and took my hand.  That one tiny action caught me completely by surprise and totally blew me away.

Now don’t get me wrong, my loathing for people who touch me or enter my personal space uninvited is well documented but this felt different.  It didn’t feel intrusive.  It didn’t feel like some creepy prelude to something else.  It felt completely natural.

It felt… right.

As we walked round sipping our drinks we talked about everything and anything and even waffled on about topics we’d talked about before and I remember thinking how I didn’t want to go home.  For the first time in a long time I was genuinely interested to hear what someone had to say and I remember just laughing.  Properly belly laughing.  I was due out that evening for our annual Christmas Girls Night Out and I came devilishly close to breaking Girl Code and sacking the whole thing off just so the date didn’t end.

I know it sounds like a soppy cliché but it’s not often I feel an immediate connection with someone – in fact I can really only think of one other time where I met a man and just ‘knew’ and that was back in 2007…. but that feeling I had all those year ago, I had again there in that park holding his hand.

Look, I get it – it sounds completely nuts but unless you’ve experienced something similar it’s really hard to understand and trying to explain The Spark is just as difficult, trust me.

At 4pm I called time and as we slowly walked back to our cars I wondered if he was ever going to kiss me.  There was undeniable chemistry, obviously, but what was he waiting for?  Was the woolly hat and wellies combo not quite hitting the spot or was he just being a gentleman?  Not really prepared to wait much longer I laughed, grabbed his scarf and pulled him in close and said “I’m bored waiting for you to kiss me!”

And honestly, there couldn’t have been a better end to the best first date.


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